Guy Leech with Arnie for World Record

Guy Leech Guiness World Records

I love the idea of communities coming together to get fit. It not only benefits our health, it’s also a fantastic way to socialise.

I’m proud to have worked alongside local communities in Manly to beat the World Record for the Biggest Fitness Circuit – a sensational event we recently held on Manly beach with help from our friends at Bupa, raising much needed funds for the Bear Cottage charity.

We’ve also set a brand new World Record, this time for staging the world’s biggest (and first) resistance band class, and supported Melanoma March along the way. 

In the past 3 years we have added more fitness World Records that include the Biggest Boxing Fitness class & just recently teamed up with Arnold Swarzenegger to create a world’s first Biggest Core Fitness Class.

Each of these events is an inspiring example of what we can achieve when we approach fitness and health together.