Individual Paddling Lessons

Guy has been paddling ocean skis for nearly 40 years, starting as a 16years old at Manly Surf Club on the northern beaches.

He fell in love with paddling instantly & was fortunate enough to continue with it through his surf ironman career that finished when he was 35 years old.

At his first attempt he won the Molokai to Oahu World Ocean Ski Championship in Hawaii.

He has continued to paddle since then & trains 100’s of paddlers every month in his fitness classes around Sydney.

Guy offers a range of coaching options to help you improve your paddling level.


Technique Coaching – Flat Water

This session is held at venues such as Balmoral, Manly Harbour & Narrabeen Lakes.

Open to all levels of paddling the lessons focuses on the correct technique for ocean paddling.

Guy uses video analysis to accelerate the learning process, personalized drills that you take away to practice from the lesson.

Ocean Skills Coaching

These coaching sessions are for intermediate paddlers & are designed to improve your ocean paddling experience.

Guy takes you paddling off headlands where conditions are bumpy & technical.

Sessions revolve around better balance, reading the conditions & catching the swell & wind chop.



As a paddle coach, Guy Leech makes the understanding of paddling an easy process to break down, practice and improve.

Guy has decades of knowledge and he imparts his knowledge in a simple to understand way, giving you personalised key stoke improvements that make sense.

The video work that Guy did with me, gave me quick understanding of what I was doing wrong and I was able to instantly fix it!

My stroke has changed for the better in one lesson… I wish I did this years ago.

Michael Quinn


I have been paddling for over 10 years & in that time have watched a lot of technique videos to help me improve my paddling. I have also been coached by a number of paddlers on technique.

I had one lesson with Guy and in less than 90min had my stroke completely revamped for the better. He worked on my posture & set up which in turn fixed a multitude of problems in my stroke.

Guy’s video analysis work during the lesson was invaluable & the drills he gave me to utilize later made certain I locked in the new stroke.

I highly recommend him to any paddler that wants to improve!

Andrew Wardle


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